Cooking for my Kids

Diet changes are happening in the Nerdy Gourmet household! Goodbye chicken nuggets and macaroni & cheese. I’m trying my best to expose my picky eaters to real food. Did you know that sometimes a child needs to be exposed to a food 200 times to finally want to try it??!? Here we go….. search for the Cooking for my Kids category to follow the journey.

Here are some products that I have purchased in the hopes of making this journey easier…. I found all of these products on Amazon.

The Nerdy Gourmet
The Nerdy Gourmet

Hi friends!! I’m Jenni, The Nerdy Gourmet. I love books and I love food. Combining the two with a splash of travel has become my passion. I am a self taught cook/baker and I believe that everyone can cook from scratch! I’m here with recipes and Nerdy Tips to help along the way.  

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