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Evidence of the Affair Book Review ~ An Engaging Exchange

Taylor Jenkins Reid could write an obituary and I would read it. I found this short story to be a sweet and realistic glimpse into troubled relationships.

Book Review

Evidence of the Affair


What would you do if you found a letter from your husband’s mistress? Set in the 1970s, this entire short story is made up of letters, mostly between Carrie and David whose spouses are having an affair. 

What this novella lacks in length it makes up for in originality and realism. Taylor Jenkins Reid could write an obituary and I would read it.  she has struck again, this time proving that she can also provide abundant quality over slim quantity. The writing is free-flowing, believable and original. Slow burning but engaging, I found the story to be mostly realistic and the characters are utterly relatable.

This little book could have been longer. I had questions at the end (as I always do) but I feel that TJR could have easily extended this narrative to provide more detail. Also, the wrap up felt a little unbelievable, but I don’t want to give away any spoilers. 

Audiobook Review I mostly listened to this book. Four narrators for four different characters was genius and each gave a heartfelt performance.  The pacing, inflection and emotion were all on par and the voices reflected the respective characters nicely. In the short hour and 19 minutes it takes to listen to this audiobook, you could easily whip up my Evidence of the Affair chocolate mousse.  It will make you cheat…… on your diet. 😉 

You can purchase this book from Amazon (bonus- if you have Prime, not only is this book free, but you can switch back and forth to the audible version!!).

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Evidence of the Affair Chocolate Mousse
Coconut Holiday

If you plan on reading this book it may be fun to look at my book board for Evidence of the Affair. I’ve pinned things mentioned such as California locations and restaurants, also some cultural things that came up, such as music and books. 

Evidence of the Affair

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