Book Review

The Boxer & The Blacksmith Book Review ~ A Regency KO

Were you obsessed with Julia Quinn’s The Bridgerton series?? And are now lost after finishing it?? I have three words for you: Feminist Regency Romance. Edie Cay delivers with her novel The Boxer and The Blacksmith. 

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Book Review

The Boxer and The Blacksmith


Bess Abbott is a female boxer based off of real life badass Elizabeth Wilkinson.  Our leading man, Os, is a blacksmith who has come to London to find his mother after being separated from her in Barbados as a child. 

The research that must have gone into this book is extraordinary. I felt transported to Regency London. The setting is so well described. Same with Cay’s characters. They have depth and great storylines. I only wished that Bess had more boxing scenes and that she wasn’t so unattractive. I like a little bit of beauty in my romance heroines. Overall, it was well done and I will be reading the other books in the When the Blood is Up series, A Lady’s Revenge (already out).  

You can find The Boxer and The Blacksmith on Amazon when it’s released on February 1st. 


The Boxer and The Blacksmith cocktail has all of the heat and smoke of a blacksmith with the KO punch of a feminist boxer.

Gin, club soda, honey and charred orange simple syrup with a blueberry iced tea cube. 

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