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One By One Book Review ~ An Avalanche of Thrills

Ruth Ware has done it again. One by One is a thrilling read, cover to cover. Three of her five previous psychological thriller novels are heading to the screen and I’m hoping One By One will be joining them.  

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Book Review

One By One


Ten music industry “friends” are trapped in a luxury ski chalet in the French Alps. This Whodunnit is filled with an avalanche, murder, music and gourmet food. I’m going to suggest this as my next “book journey” to Greg. Traveling to the French Alps would be a dream. I’d love to share pics of everyone ELSE skiing while I look on through the window of a cozy chalet. I can already picture myself eating delicious French pastries, drinking hot chocolate next to a fire while reading the next Ruth Ware release. 

I got total The Guest List vibes. One By One had a slow start for me just because there are so many characters to get a firm grasp on. But Ware does such a great job of developing deep protagonists. Liz in particular makes me feel awkward and anxious. I found her inability to make a decision completely annoying. This, unfortunately, goes more towards my psyche then a reflection of the book. I think it actually speaks to Ware’s writing ability that her characters can have such an emotional reaction from the reader. She is a master storyteller, slowly weaving her tale, all the while trapping the reader in a clandestine web of danger and suspense. Although the book starts out awfully slow, by the end I was racing through the pages. This was another win for Ware. 

Audiobook Review Imogen Church is an extraordinarily talented narrator. She covers so many character voices and does a great job to stinking one from the other, although I do believe a full cast of narrators would benefit this book extremely. 

You can purchase One By One here from Amazon, or if you’d like to support small book stores, it’s also available from and Bookshop.


Cozy Hot Cocoa

I make this single cup of cocoa bliss when I just need a special treat. Don't forget to add two important ingredients: a cozy blanket and a good book!

One By One Avalanche Bars
Snowed In
One By One

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