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Blindsighted Book Review ~ A Slaughter on the Senses

This book is a thriller in every sense of the word. Psychological, crime, mystery and a splash of medical thrown in for good fun.

Do you ever wonder about the psyche of writers who can seamlessly create a horrifyingly real fictional account?? Just me? Ok. Well whatever it is, Karin Slaughter has a gift. I will be reading the entire Grant County series. 

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Book Review



Small town pediatrician/coroner Sara Linton starts finding women who have been terrorized and left to die. Together with her ex husband, the town sheriff, she must figure out why someone is haunting her with these gruesome murders. 

Dark but crisp, I found myself making deep connections with the logical, likable protagonists. The writing is free flowing and the book read full speed, straight ahead, no looking back. The plot was believable but still shocking and raw. This book is- I can only use one word- intense. If you like thrillers (any type of thrillers- mystery thrillers, suspense thrillers, psychological thrillers) this is the book for you. Be prepared for details. Bloody gory details. 

What could have been better?  I really had no conscious criticism of this read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to read Kisscut, the next book in The Grant County series. 

Audiobook Review  I listened to this book on Audible. The narration is slow in some spots; questionable timing and accents are indistinguishable but overall still better than listening to yourself sing while walking. Character definition is debatable. 

You can buy Blindsighted here from Amazon or you can also choose to support local bookstores by purchasing it from Bookshop.


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