Book Review

My Lovely Wife

by Samantha Downing

narrated by David Pittu
set in Central Florida, present day

Book Review 4/5 Romance + Thriller = My Lovely Wife. Uneasiness crept across me from the first chapter. Going into this book blindly, I found it completely intriguing with a twist at the beginning- a “wait, what?” moment. I think Downing did a great job delving into the mind of our unnamed family man, although at times I found it hard to reconcile these loving parents with the storyline. Also, I wanted more from Millicent’s POV. Even though it felt like the book was lacking half the story the ending tied up all loose ends. Overall, Downing does a great job of laying out the clues like random tokens that you have collected along the way only to discover that they are actually pieces of a puzzle. This read picked up fast and the second half of this book was slightly predictable yet still exciting to read. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good thriller. Fast paced. Easy read. A little unbelievable, but fun in a fantastical way. Twist on the normal serial killer story.

Audiobook Review 4/5 Deep and disturbing. Pittu does a nice job with the range of emotions from murderer to loving father. He is expressive and engaging. As a bonus, he has narrated cleanly enough for me to speed up the tempo. This book is great for fast paced walking! 

Book Food Review 4/5 Food has a satisfying presence, with an introduction at every punctual family dinner. Clean, healthy and controlled, my husband will appreciate this menu. 😉


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Chicken Pho Soup

“When I get home, Millicent’s car is already in the garage. I think about putting the tracker on it again but don’t. She is making chicken pho in the kitchen. ” Chapter 53

Grilled Chicken Tacos

“Every time Millicent cuts a piece of grilled chicken, I think about her killing Lindsay.” Chapter 5
“We have tacos for dinner, made with leftover chicken, and they are delicious.” Chapter 15

Mushroom & Leek Risotto

“We are eating mushroom risotto, with leeks and baby carrots on the side, when my phone honks like a horn. Breaking news. Millicent reaches behind her and silences my phone. “Sorry,” I say. “Sports app.” She gives me a hard look. Phones are supposed to be silenced during dinner.” Chapter 47

Lemon & Spinach Hummus

“Any hope I have blows away like a dead leaf. Of course there is nothing on the tablet. Millicent would never be so stupid. “Also found a few recipes,” he says, bringing up some pdf files. “Stuffed mushrooms, huh?” “The spinach hummus dip sounds good.” I sigh. “You’re an asshole.” Chapter 65
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