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The Law of Innocence Book Review ~ A Question of Integrity

I have been reading Michael Connelly for ages. He is by far one of my favorite authors. He’s definitely my favorite crime fiction author. My husband and I have co-read all of his books together and he was one of the topics on our first date 12 years ago. That’s probably why I’ve been dreading this review. 

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Book Review

The Law of Innocence


Mickey Haller is back but this time he’s the one behind bars. This will be the most important defense of his life- his own. In The Law of Innocence, Connelly really revealed Mickey’s vulnerable side and shows us his true colors in a much more obvious way. His loyalty and fierce protection of those he loves is on full display. 

I am completely biased to anything written by Michael Connelly. I have been reading his books for over 20 years. He has never failed to reach my ever growing expectations. Well folks, it hurts my book loving soul to do this. No spoilers but the end of this book could have been SO. MUCH. BETTER. The build up was creative courtroom drama perfection. I was into it. The whole story hit me in the gut. I just felt for Mickey. And then, it was like someone let the air out of my Michael Connelly idolizing balloon. Slowly deflating my hopes a chapter at a time.  My co-reading hubby agreed but I would love to discuss this book with any other MC fans who have read it! 

The writing was great, free flowing and fast paced. The plot was unexpected and enticing. The decisions made to end the book were questionable at best. I still recommend you read this as it is entertaining and part of the Mickey Haller series. 

Audiobook Review Giles nailed this narration. He is one of my favorite narrators and he fit Mickey’s personality perfectly. 

You can purchase The Law of Innocence here from Amazon or if you’d like to support small bookstores, it’s also available at and


Sticky Mickey
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If you’re thinking of adding this book to your list, feel free to check out this Pinterest Board all about The Law of Innocence with food and landmark highlights, plus some other things of note. 

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