Southport, NC

My real life setting for Where the Crawdads Sing

Southport Inn

119 N Davis St


Elias and Mary are the perfect hosts at this sweet bed and breakfast. Established in 1894, the inn is clean, well stocked, welcoming and in the center of town.

Moore Street Oyster Bar

What would Kya’s story be without oysters?

110 E Moore St

Oysters galore, loaded tater tots and my husband’s favorite of the night: lobster grilled cheese! I also enjoyed the Taken for Pomegranated cocktail along with the deeply rich chocolate torte. 

The County Jail

The Olde Brunswick County Jail

318 Nash St.


Hours: Wed 11-2; Sat 11-2

This historic jail provides a great real life glimpse into what Kya must have experienced while awaiting trial. Not only are there cells to visit but vast information on everything from foods provided to handcuffs  used. I was even lucky enough to be there during the moonshine display!

The American Fish Company

150 Yacht Basin Dr.

What a magical place! Live music, drinks and a view were pleasurable but the sunset and dolphins were over the top! Bonus for you Nicholas Sparks fans: American Fish was also the setting for Ivan’s Fish Shack in the Safe Haven movie.

The Salt Marsh Boardwalk

While you’re over by the restaurants on Yacht Basin Drive, take a short walk towards W Brunswick Street and look in between the boat docks for this 1/8 mile boardwalk.

The Adventure Kayak Company

Being on the water put me in a different state of mind. The marshes come to life with fish, birds and plants. Having never been in a kayak before, I found it lovely and less challenging than expected. 

Kayaking pro or beginner? Either way, do yourself a favor and call Emma:


The Firetower

1867 Old Ocean Hwy, Bolivia, NC

What a gem to find! The Bolivia Fire tower is not accessible to the public (sadly, no climbing for me) but it is something to behold.

Many of these historic towers were built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The CCC was made up of young men and WWII veterans. 

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