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Beattyville, KY

The mountains of Kentucky are truly beautiful and humbling. 

Beattyville is truly a remote area of the state. During the 90 minute drive from the airport to Beattyville, we stayed on thin roads, and passed lots of trees; particularly startling ones that are coated in bright white bark. We passed mountains and valleys and hollers-  large sheltered valleys, or “hollow” land in between two mountains. 

For a stunning look into life in the Kentucky Hollows check out this NPR feature of Shelby Lee Adams photography. He explores the people in Hazard, a place we passed on our drive. 

Photo Credit: Cody West @mrcodywest
Lago Linda Hideaway  

The Writers Cabin 

Lago Linda Hideaway

This place was so beautiful and remote. Warm and inviting, the Writers Cabin is one of many on the property which also includes a lake, a gazebo and camping sites. One small piece of advice: pack food. 

photo credit: Dennis West

Whisper Valley Trails

5695 KY-52, Beattyville, KY 41311

(859) 302-4693

Andrea and Troy are rare self-sacrificing humanitarians. They are animal lovers to the core and their story is a heartfelt one. They are a horse rescue facility. They personally save horses that are otherwise starving to death and nurture them back to health. (check out their story here.) The trails cover 80 acres of Appalachian terrain. You can regale gorgeous hidden waterfalls and explore caves with millennia old pictographs.

The Nerdy Gourmet
The Nerdy Gourmet

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I review books, mostly ‘read’ via audio, and I create recipes inspired by the story lines. Sometimes if I am deeply moved by a story, I will travel and try my best to experience the book- and bring you along via my blog! I provide all the photographs and content for the Nerdy Gourmet (unless otherwise noted). 

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