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Killer Chardonnay Book Review ~ Cute, Quick and Cozy

I picked this book up for a buddy read in November and really enjoyed it. Killer Chardonnay is a light read; a perfect palate cleanser between tense or heavy books. It belongs to a niche subgenre of crime fiction called cozy mysteries or “cozies.” 

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Book Review

Killer Chardonnay


Parker’s grand opening went viral- for all the wrong reasons. A locally renowned food reviewer is found dead after drinking one of her Chardonnays. The only way to save her business is to solve this crime and absolve her wine. 

I wish our protagonist Parker was a deeper character and that she had more involvement in the solving side of the mystery. I found this plot transparent, peppered with some forced writing- some of the analogies of people to wine were just terrible. But the story line is easy to follow and fast paced with a good serving of romance. There is definitely potential for growth and the sequel will be released in January.  A cute read for lovers of wine and or Colorado, Boulder in general. Great for when you need a lightweight read that you don’t have to think too deeply about. 

Audiobook Review Brooke Hoover did a great job with narrating. She fit the character well and did a nice job of differentiating characters. 

You can purchase Killer Chardonnay here from Amazon or if you’d like to support small bookstores, it’s also available at


Killer Chardonnay
Killer Truffles

If you plan on reading Killer Chardonnay and/or are just curious about the adorable town of Boulder, Colorado, check out my Killer Chardonnay Pinterest Board. 

Killer Chardonnay

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