Book Review

Alex Six Book Review- Fast, Thrilling and Creatively Warped

I read/listened to this book in a day- I just could not stop reading. I was completely drawn into the psychosis of Alex Six. I walked through my day in a daze as I listened to my earbud, hidden under a lock of hair lest my children noticed and demanded my full attention which I was not prepared to give while Taplin’s tale remained undone in my mind.

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Book Review

Alex Six


Vick has a stalker. But not just any stalker. She is an off the charts psychopath with intelligence and limitless wealth- a destructive combination.  

This is not your ordinary vanilla thriller. [if you know you know]. I was shocked and horrified and immediately hooked. I remained hooked until the very twisted, unforeseeable end. Vince Taplin is talented. His characters, though unlikable, are witty and creepy. I loved the time hopping and that we get to see the same scenes from both the main characters points of view.   The writing from Alexa’s POV is superbly done. I felt incredibly anxious and rushed and confused at times- all at the well worded intention of Taplin. This book was twisted. Incredibly twisted and I enjoyed it. My sweet, innocent bottle of vanilla will never be the same.  

Audiobook Review The narration by Berkrot was so creepy! His version was a great take on the characters. I only wish that there was a second female narrator for Alex’s character. 

You can buy Alex Six here from Amazon or you can also choose to support local bookstores by purchasing it from Bookshop.


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