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In A Holidaze Book Review ~ Christmas Love on Repeat

In A Holidaze is a delightful Christmas twist. Romance, family, a snowy cabin in the woods and a time loop.

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Book Review

In A Holidaze


 Mae is 26. The highlight of her depressing life is the annual Christmas gathering in Utah where she gets to see the love of her life one week a year and ogle him from afar. Only this year, Mae keeps reliving the same day until she can discover what makes her happy. 

The Groundhog Day theme dances on a precarious ledge but Christina Lauren balanced it perfectly. This book was so good. I loved how all the characters felt so real that I wanted to be part of Mae’s family. I loved the chills during romantic tension and heart tugging moments.  Funny, endearing and full of unconditional love, this sweet book will wrap you in a warm holiday hug. 

Audiobook Review Murin is fitting as the funny, self deprecating Mae.  Her reading style was alive and variant, bringing numerous characters to life. This was a great audiobook to listen to while baking Christmas cookies!

You can purchase In A Holidaze here from Amazon or if you’d like to support small bookstores, it’s also available at or


Peppermint Kiss Cookies
Holidaze Spiked Cider

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