Firefly Lane BFF Garden Party

Is there anything sweeter than friendship? The unconditional love of someone who will always have your back is tough to beat. These treats may come close, especially after a few Girl’s Day Margaritas!

Grab your fluffiest pillows, a rug and head outside for a lovely garden party. Too cold? Even better. Move some furniture and create a cozy corner- preferably near the television so that you can tune in Firefly Lane on Netflix. (Out February 3, 2021!)


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Need a reason to get the girls together? I’ve got everything you need to organize the perfect affair below! 


Easy Sugar Cookies
Hard Candy Apples
Cotton Candy Cupcakes
Girl's Day Pink Lemonade Margaritas

Party Decor

  1. I started with two rugs, a large one and a small one to angle on top.
  2. I rolled out this coffee table (this sucker is heavy!) and an extra end table from the living room.
  3. Add a pouf and some fluffy pillows. I like to bring out different textures so I borrowed the pink pillows from my daughter’s room. 
  4. Mason jars in all different sizes – some for lights, some for drinks.
  5. Fairy lights for the mason jars. 
  6. Eucalyptus garland.
  7. Votives with cute little holders.
  8. Coasters with cute friendship quotes from Firefly Lane.
  9. Flowers
  10. Tasty treats. (recipes above!)
  11. Margaritas.
  12. Add friends, music and enjoy!! 

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