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Heart Bones Book Review ~ Unbreakable Young Love

I am a Colleen Hoover fan! Her books always entertain me and most often leave me in either awe or tears. 

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Book Review

Heart Bones


Beyah has survived her her whole life but this summer, she’s going to start living. 

It’s just so easy to read a Colleen Hoover novel. The writing is always free flowing and simple to understand. The characters have such depth! It’s easy to connect with Beyah and sympathize with her- though I highly doubt she would appreciate that. There are a few subplots and I never guessed how the summer would wrap up. But. It took way too long to get to the point. I just wanted to scream out The Thing she wouldn’t tell anyone from the very start of the book. I’m a horrible secret keeper. And I have no patience with drawn out storylines. So take that as you will- a reflection on me or the book. Overall, I would definitely recommend reading this one and forming your own opinion!

Audiobook Review Goethals had great defining aspects to each character’s voice. I could easily define who was speaking. I felt that her voice complimented Beyah. I just felt the whole book was slow and had to push the speed to 1.7, and I never listen faster than 1.4

You can buy Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover here from Amazon or you can also choose to support local bookstores by purchasing it from Bookshop. 


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