Book Review

Behind Her Eyes Book Review ~ An Unlikely Story

This book turned Netflix series is a fun escape from reality but don’t expect Behind Her Eyes to be a believable ride.

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Book Review

Behind Her Eyes


Single mom Louise is having an affair with her new boss who is decidedly married. Then she becomes close friends with his wife. But she’s not the crazy one.

BHE is fast paced and I was immediately drawn in. I found the story a bit confusing at first because I had so many questions. Pinborough does excel at being so descriptive that the reader slowly gets immersed into the subtle nuances of the book until you’re a part of this spinning, mind blowing chaos. Believable? Meh. Fun? Yes!!

Audiobook Review I thought the narration was done great. It was entertaining, clear, dramatic and definitely enhances the reading experience. 

Film Adaptation Behind Her Eyes is now a limited series on Netflix. I thought the adaptation was well done. The show actually filled in a few gaps for me. Entertaining, but still unbelievable. 

You can buy Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough here from Amazon or you can also choose to support local bookstores by purchasing it from Bookshop although I highly recommend listening to this book! You can buy the audio version at here. 


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