Book Review

The Four Winds Book Review ~ A Raw Look at the Dust Bowl

Kristin Hannah has a way of breaking my heart with her deeply moving stories. This historical fiction about a family in the Dust Bowl of the Great Depression is incredibly powerful and moving.  

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Book Review

The Four Winds

Elsa must watch her children starve and grow sick on their Texas farm during The Dust Bowl. After her husband abandons them to ride the rails, she makes the decision to leave their home behind and save her children by taking them to the lush lands of California. 

The Four Winds was so easy to soak in. I love historical fiction and became totally immersed into the Great Depression and dusty winds. Hannah creates a provocation of deep rolling emotions that rise and fall with the story. It is a heart wrenching and beautiful telling of an historical event and yet it felt present. Close. Like I could easily have been there with Elsa. This span of 90 years drops away because as always, Hannah makes love the story- gratitude for people, kindness, grit. Though we are not in a Dust Bowl nor arguably a Great Depression, we are in the midst of a huge tragedy in American history. The Pandemic will be the backdrop to many future historical fictions. A multitude of stories of hunger and loss and doing everything you can to survive is happening now.    

Audiobook Review Can I please request that Ms. Whelan reads all of my books?? Or maybe I should start a TBR just of books narrated by her…..

You can buy The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah here from Amazon or you can also choose to support local bookstores by purchasing it from Bookshop although I highly recommend listening to this book! You can buy the audio version at here. 


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