Mexican Bolillo Bread

This is a type of savory roll traditionally made in Mexico. This crusty hard roll is usually broken in half with the soft, fluffy insides (known as the migajón) removed- and devoured! The exterior shell is then used as a torta or to scoop up and hold other food.

When Carlota walked in, the first thing she noticed was the exquisite smell of bread and hot chocolate floating in the air among the tapestries. Her stomach rumbled with such force that she thought everyone must have heard it….. The pope spoke a few words to her, but she wasn’t listening: she was fixated on the steaming cup of thick chocolate in which His Holiness was dipping bread.
Laura Martinez-belli, The Empress.

Nerdy Tip

  • measure the temperature of your water for the best possible rise!

Have you tried making these rolls or the hot chocolate dip?? I’d love to hear your feedback. Please comment and rate! Peace & love, jenni

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