Book Review,  Recipe

WomanCode Book Review and Recipes

Recipe Overload Alert!!! All of the healthy gluten free/dairy free/refined sugar free recipes below have been created for the cycle syncing way of life. The list is ever growing as I love sharing new meal ideas so check back often! This book is a life changer for me. I am working towards being my optimal self and this is a great guide. Alisa Vitti is sharing a world of information with women all over who are seeking to heal themselves in all facets of life.

Recipe Guide below the book review!

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 written by Alisa Vitti


WomanCode provides groundbreaking instruction on living your healthiest life as a woman by Alissa Vitti, HHC, AADP, a functional nutrition and women’s hormone expert. In this short review, I can only oversimplify the genius hormone balancing concepts into which Vitti has put years of research. Basically women have four phases/seasons for each monthly cycle. Vitti breaks down the explanation of each and gives guidance on the best foods, exercises, and even social focuses to optimize your respective phases.

I’ve been living this lifestyle for five months now and my health has improved drastically. I have so much energy, I’m losing weight in a healthy way, my mood is better. I no longer get tension headaches, hot flashes or cramps. 

My recent personal food journey has been a far cry from the delicious and yet unwholesome foods I love to create as The Nerdy Gourmet for my book inspired recipes; but at the same time this is my thing! What more perfect challenge to create recipes than Ms. Vitti’s books?? 

This is one of those books that will be lovingly well worn and oft read. WomanCode is packed with so much positive and in-depth information that I will keep going back to it, thumbing through the food charts, scenarios, supplements and words of encouragement. I applaud Vitti’s drive to help as many women as she can and I happily encourage you to read WomanCode.

You can purchase WomanCode from Amazon or Bookshop

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