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    Pot Roast Empanadas with Horseradish Sauce

    I’m in love with these perfect little pockets of comfort food. They make a great appetizer for any party- warm and easy finger food.  Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on email Share on google These are perfect for leftover pot roast or for hand held party appetizers! I chat with a lonely grandmother thousands of miles away. Lizzie loves to cook, she tells me; the boys’ favorite meal is my famous pot roast (not really famous), and she bakes cream cheese brownies every year for the fire department. AJ Flinn, The Woman in the Window Tweet If you like this recipe, check…

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    Party Cheese Balls

    This recipe is the perfect base for all of your cheese ball needs. Go crazy mixing cheeses and outer coatings! Featured here are: Goat Cheese and Pistachio, Sharp Cheddar and Dill, and Feta with Red Pepper and Pecans.  Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on email Share on google “Forget the gold standard—the hood operated on the cheese standard. Cheese on anything was money. If you got a burger, that was cool, but if you got a cheeseburger, that meant you had more money than a guy who just got a hamburger. Cheese on a sandwich, cheese in your fridge, that meant you…

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    Tangy Artichoke Tapenade

    Cool, tangy and the perfect accent to any cracker or bread, this tapenade is my go to dip right now. It’s packed with lots of anti-inflammatory, good for your gut foods and the bonus- it takes 5 easy minutes to make! This recipe has at 4 of the recommended Fall/Luteal Phase foods. artichokes olives capers lemon Have you tried making this recipe? Are you cycle syncing? I’d love to hear your feedback. Please comment and rate! Peace & love, jenni Want to be alerted when I post new recipes? Subscribe below to be in the know!

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    Roasted Salsa

    I love this time of year when the last of the tomatoes come off the vine and football games grace the tv. My husband loves to grill on game days and this salsa is a great companion to meats and veggies as well as chips. If you can add fresh oregano as well as fresh cilantro it will heighten the flavors of this salsa to the next level! Nothing beats fresh herbs. If you’re making this during the Luteal or Follicular phases, try throwing some artichokes in the blender along with everything else. This recipe has at least 2 of the recommended Ovulatory Phase foods, but it’s a great healthy…

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    Mexican Hot Chocolate Sauce

    I love chocolate on just about anything. This sauce is not only dark and decadent, it also packs deep flavor and spicy, back of the tongue kick. It’s absolutely perfect for late night snacking. Nerdy Tip don’t have a double boiler? Try using two mixing bowls with hot water in the bottom bowl. try dipping a fresh, warm Bolillo roll in my Mexican Hot Chocolate Sauce. Weird but delish!! Have you tried making these rolls or the hot chocolate dip?? I’d love to hear your feedback. Please comment and rate! Peace & love, jenni

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    Lemon & Spinach Hummus

    This protein packed kid friendly, vegan & vegetarian friendly snack is super easy to make. Nerdy Tips leave the chickpea skins on for more fiber. I took them off so my kids would be more apt to try this hummus. serve with just about anything! we use pita chips, raw veggies, and spread on greek chicken wraps. there are so many variations of hummus, this is just one option. Switch it up with different spices, add some herbs, pine nuts, olives or whatever you’re craving. Nerdy Facts Hummus is made all over the world especially in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries. Chickpeas are packed with protein and vitamins as well…

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    Quince Jelly

    Quince is a fascinating fruit. I had mine delivered via FedEx and even through all the plastic packaging and bubble wrap I was captivated by their sweet aroma. Once unwrapped, my kitchen became fragrantly delightful, the smell reminiscent of pears and roses. Not only is this one of the most delicious charcuterie options I’ve ever tasted, it’s different and easy to make!!  Ingredients 2 lbs quince, peeled and cored 3 cups sugar 2 T lemon juice 2 strips of lemon zest, 2″ long 1 cup water Simmer all ingredients 1 hour until temperature hits 220 degrees Fahrenheit. Blend. Fill a greased 8×8 pan and let come to room temperature before refrigerating.  Nerdy Tips…

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    Madame Babineau’s Lavender Honey

    This honey smells so divine. I love adding it to my morning Earl Grey tea.  24 hour prep time, 15 mins cook time, makes 1 cup Ingredients 2 Tbsp lavender blossoms  1 cup honey Heat honey until thinned. Stir in lavender. Pour into a container (I used a mason jar) and cover at room temperature for 24 hours. Warm again and strain.  Nerdy Facts lavender is believed to have so many health benefits including being anti-inflammatory, helping with digestive issues and relieving pain. Combined with the antibacterial and sore throat soothing honey and this little infusion packs a powerful punch!  honey is believed to have been consumed by humans since…